Exceptional Service

Highlander Dental Lab aims to make it as easy as possible for dentists to create convenient and satisfying dental experiences for each patient. In order to accomplish this, we offer:

Customer service ready to simplify the administrative aspect of business regarding order origination, financial statement, or any other questions.

Expert technical consultation by an experienced technician which offers a collaborative approach to designs and material selection.

Dentists can send their patients over to our lab in order to obtain the most accurate shade.

Excellent communication is standard in order to exceed the expectations of you and your patient. An answer is always available whether its by phone call or e-mail.

Our Work is Measured by Smiles Created and Chair-time Saved

Highlander Dental Lab strives to provide dentists with restorations that will enhance practice efficiency, save chair time, and make patients happy. We offer:

  • Consistent quality is provided through a systemized approach to fabrication. Each case is carefully inspected before it is delivered back to the dentists.
  • Fast seating times with very few adjustments are a result of technological advancements. With the use of CAD/CAM, we are able to precisely create restorations to fit the needs of every patient.
  • Lifelike aesthetics can only be created through high quality dental materials, mastery of many different techniques, and a collaborative effort.
  • Adaptation is a key factor when it comes to a good partnership. At Highlander Dental Lab we understand each dentist has their own occlusal philosophies and adapt to their preferences.