highlander-officeHighlander Dental Lab
was founded 25 years ago with the goal of delivering beautifully crafted restorations to our clients. Our infrastructure emphasizes high quality work, exceptional customer care, and adding value to your dental practice. We have an amazing team here filled with people who are devoted to perfection.

At Highlander Dental Lab, we have embraced the rapidly changing technology that has been impacting dentistry while still maintaining the tradition. We have combined the latest digital technology with skilled craftsmanship.

Our goal is to consistently deliver the best product and service for your dental practice and patients. Your practice and patients will be able to see and feel the difference that comes from Highlander Dental Lab’s high-quality restorations.



Exceptional Service

Wide range of treatment options • Responsive customer service
Dental restorations from simple to the most complex

 Reliable Quality

High quality work delivered on time • Fewer remakes in order to seat more patients and save time
Highly skilled staff • Adapting to different occlusal philosophies